Components Of Case Study Format

There are 7 components in a case study format that makes a perfect case study that can be presented to the higher authority, Following are the components that we will explain each by each.

§  Executive Summary

§  Introduction

§  Analysis

§  Alternatives and Decision Criteria

§  Recommendations and Implementation Plan

§  Conclusion and References

§  Citing Sources

Executive summary

Executive summary for a case study writing is usually similar to the general summary. It doesn't include too much detail about your case but focuses on key elements or main highlights of your case study.


 It must not only introduce there port of your case but also should state the key issues being witnessed  and discussed thoroughly in a clear and original tone.


It is a detail section where you examine all the issue and explain all of them in detail if required you explain with stats too. A good SWOT and PEST analysis can make the analysis more stronger.

Alternatives and Decision Criteria

This section of the case study format addresses two key areas. The first one is alternatives and the second one is the decision criteria.

alternatives must mention all the potential ways the identified problem can be addressed

The second thing which needs to be stated here in this portion is decision criteria. It means that you must state precisely your decisive factor.

Recommendations and Implementation Plan

you are supposed to let the reader know the criteria of recommendation for solving the identified problem.

Conclusion and References

This is the section of your case study where you will make a last closing remark for your reader in a few simple but compelling words.

Citing Sources

However, as a general guideline, you must mention any concept or phrase that is not yours and was offered by someone else. These citations must appear at the conclusion of your case study.

These are certain points of formatting your case study. This will definitely help you in your case study assignment and will make it in more structure and organised form. visit here